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Most of our activity is through our social media, so please head over there to see what we're actually doing!

Here are just a couple highlights of things we've done in the past.



This was our very first screening event, held at the East Austin

Sekrit Theater.

We showcased five short films, from all levels of experience, including a Mexican stop-motion (from a local artist) and an in-house production. Later we had food, drinks and a fire pit.

We partnered with a filmmaking group from Mexico called Tren Geminis (hence the stop-motion short)  and of course, Sekrit Theater. Check them out below!



In early 2017 we decided to do a short film ourselves to get things going.

The story follows John, who in meeting

the character of Debra, discovers

he can still enjoy life.

You can check out both the actual short film and a behind the scenes video below! There are also a number of set photos on our Facebook page.


EARLY 2017

This was our very first public interaction, we had a stand at the Austin School of Film.

At that time we were using the "Austin Cinemaker Space" for meetings and even a few small shoots, so when their Keep Austin Creating event came up we jumped on the opportunity. It was a great way to see what people thought of the idea and get feedback.

Check out their services below, we may help promote filmmakers but they are the ones training them!

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