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Brandon Reich - Community and Personal Stories

Brandon Reich is a diverse filmmaker and an educator at the Austin Film Society who, through his passion and focus on a positive community around him, has recently completed his first feature film: “The Bob Zula”.

Brandon Reich on the set of "The Bob Zula"

He’s has quite a journey to get here, but thanks to the great positive communities he surrounds himself with, he has not only succeeded but helped those around him: be it the people he educates or the people that help make his visions come true.

Raised in a small town outside of Houston, and having nothing much else to do, he started making movies with his friends using their family camera. And it was here, through having fun with his friends making comedy videos, that he discovered how honest and intimate it is see a personal moment for the first and only time. This was reinforced through his years studying and performing improv. And this is what drove him to seek out and tell very personal, character-driven stories.

After high-school he hit Brooklyn, where he studied filmmaking and "thug-life", but soon realized his true love was comedy, so he set off again to Chicago to study improvisation and finish his film degree. His strong regard for family and community (and disregard for cold) finally drove him back to Texas where he settled down in Austin, led by it’s film scene.

  • What fulfills you? "God, friends, and family make me feel happy and fulfilled. A positive community is so important to me, and I definitely have that."

As for the work he has done, besides teaching, he’s touched almost everything imaginable: from documentaries to music videos to commercials to short films. Producing promotional videos for businesses big and small, he also freelances as an editor and camera operator.

But finally, he reached his dream project: writing, directing and producing his first feature film. “The Bob Zula” is currently in post production and that’s where is main efforts lie now, you can check out the trailer on their website here.

  • Do you have any dream projects you want to accomplish? "This first feature is a dream project. It’s definitely micro budget, and so much heart has gone into it. I’ve made some amazing new relationships from the project, so I can’t wait to see those collaborations continue."

After releasing this film he hopes to develop another original feature screenplay, as well as to continue building a life here in Austin with his friends, family, and of course his wife Danuta and their dog Lucy. Through genuine love for his fellow artists, he will continue contributing to the film community at the best of his ability by telling more honest and personal stories.

If you want to see his completed shorts and sketches, or get in contact with him, head on over to:

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