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Jared Aja - Professional Videographer

Jared Aja

Jared is not our typical Filmmaker of the Week, as he’s a commercial video producer. He’s here to show us that there are other career paths in film, ones that can be truly successful as well!

Many filmmakers dabble in commercial gigs on the side of their narrative projects, but Jared full-on embraces it as his passion. It didn’t start this way though, he dropped out of high-school in his Junior year and got his GED so he could get certified in audio engineering, having grown up around music. But after a few years of working in this industry, he started to tap into his true calling when he started shooting music videos for some friends, and took off from there!

Since his video career taking off he’s worked in everything from the initial concept all the way to distribution. And while very confident in the editor’s chair, he enjoys being in the action and directing the most. He realized early on that everyone has a message to get out, and that video is the best way to transmit that to an audience. He expresses himself creatively through getting people’s messages into the world.

  • What do you think makes you fulfilled? "Knowing that I am living life on my terms and that I have the liberty to move closer to the things I desire and farther away from things that don’t support my overall success. And seeing business professionals using the power of video to propel them forward in this digital age."

There are always many hardships in the business though, from bad business partners to shaky clients, even crazy extras ruining set locations! The biggest problem that emerges is the increased stress that comes out as a result, hindering creativity and making tasks that should be effortless take their toll by forcing you to work harder and longer at them. Through time and experience, he eventually learned more about boundaries and himself. Learning to look past the “now” and into where he wants to be in the next 5 years, and how his relationships, commitments and environments support or hinder that journey.

  • What drives you? "Reaching my highest potential in all things that I get involved with, and my family getting everything they need to thrive in life."

He is definitely someone who keeps busy - he’s made countless music videos, event coverage, weddings and over two hundred corporate videos! And he’s always looking for bigger and better projects to take on, currently plotting a reality TV show to bring to life and dreams of getting into creating AR experiences!

Ever since moving to Austin from Illinois at 16 years old, the city has opened up his eyes to living and pursuing his unique lifestyle in video production! This is truly where he plans on living.

Go check out his website: and follow him on his Instagram!

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