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Jenna Covarrubias - Young and Passionate

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Jenna Covarrubias is a Texas-native from San Antonio, currently finishing up her film major at UT. Going all the way back she distinctively remembers loving the first Lord of the Rings film back when it came out, at only four years old she was fascinated by the film and watched it religiously up until the next entry, and yet again in anticipation for the Return of the King. She did not know it at the time but those films were what awoke early on in her a passion for film and storytelling.

Another passion of hers she held onto when she was younger was that of fashion and design, and you can see it reflected in her work through the aesthetics of her various projects. In fact, before realizing she could aspire to be a screenwriter or director, she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her cousin to become a TV/Film costume designer. It was actually this that pushed her into taking up to study film, and then she realized she could turn her love for writing into telling stories through filmmaking and her newfound passion was established with a clear direction to go in.

  • Jenna: "I’ve been fortunate to work in a variety of roles in film since I started at UT, however, I found my passion in writing and directing. I feel like I have so many stories to tell and concepts that come to mind on a daily basis, so bringing life to them is a dream come true. Stories that have never been told before, those that genre blend, and those that evoke thought or unexpected emotion interest me the most. I feel like strong character development and character studies are perhaps some of the most intriguing and difficult stories to tell and I hope to delve more into those. In addition to writing and directing, I also like to produce films. I really enjoy working and collaborating with other creative individuals to help their visions come to life. Coming from an art background, production design is another passion of mine. I love being creative and working with the overall aesthetic of the film."

She is fulfilled through the process of going from pen to screen and just being part of the film community. Nothing else she can imagine would affect her in the same way, feeling immensely fortunate to be able to turn her passion into her career she hopes to be able to impact others in the same way film has impacted her growing up.

  • Do you have any dream projects you want to accomplish? "Yes, I have so many. I want to create many feature films that blend genres of horror and drama. It would be an absolute dream come true to work on the new Amazon The Lord of the Rings TV series as that has been my favorite film since I was a kid."

She already has her next projects in the works: a short film called "Dolls" , centered around two sisters she plans to direct in Spring, as well as a UT Thesis ("Whirlpool") and a short film - "Moondogs" - she's currently producing. This year she also wants to direct her first music video and write her first feature film.

This hasn't all came without hardships though, as she finds she is not always taken seriously on set. Some of her creative decisions are have been questioned in the past, such as instances where a male actor asks the male producer for his interpretation of the scene over hers as director. Ultimately, all this has done is push her to work harder and aspire to be an inspiration for other young women pursuing a similar career.

In the fall of this year she will be going to study a semester abroad in London and then onward with her career, hoping to make a living out of doing what she loves alongside other passionate filmmakers!

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