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Lydia Isnanto - “Dreampreneur”

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Lydia Isnanto is truly one-of-a-kind. Born in Indonesia, she moved to Singapore, where she was a business owner for 15 years before deciding to continue her journey on to the US. First in San Francisco, then to Austin to follow her passion of capturing images and telling stories.

Lydia Isnanto

Balancing being a business woman and an artist is a challenge she willingly took on, focusing on earning enough income for both herself and to finance her craft. And it is a challenge she not only took on, but truly succeeded at: her films have gone on to win multiple awards all while she successfully created a multinational video and photography business!

This lead her down the path of also wanting to empower and encourage other women to boldly pursue their dreams, so she created the podcast “Dreampreneurs Chat”. This became her next big focus, and with the videos filmed for it, she wants to compile them into an inspirational documentary to empower women.

  • What drives you? “Jesus, He is my best role model. He touched many hearts through storytelling, including mine.”

Her love of film turned into a lifelong passion for producing and directing compelling stories that would bring positive impact, especially for the women under her production company - which specializes in telling stories for films, documentaries, music videos, business owners, artists, and families. She hopes to produce and direct compelling and brave stories to bring a positive impact to society, especially women.

She mainly directs, but has also done cinematography and production on everything from commercials to music videos, documentaries to short films… She’s constantly seeking out new stories to be able to bring to life through film. Her happiness comes from completing films and seeing lives being transformed. Nothing beats the satisfaction of contributing to making the world a better place through your craft.

  • What is your dream project? “Hoping to make a film about the first woman astronaut, with NASA as the set location.”

Feeling at home in “weird” Austin she hopes to continue to follow her passions and inspire people all around, continuing on to bigger and better projects. You can check out her award-winning projects here:

Her reel is here:

And to contact her go to:

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