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Michael Charron - Veteran Austin Filmmaker

Michael Charron looks the part of a director. With his salt and pepper beard, near- trademark flat cap, and kind eyes, a casting director could easily pick him to play the leader. In person, he’s got the kind of vibe that makes you want to understand his vision... and a clarity in voice that grabs you. And while this profile I’m writing is beginning to start like a dating bio (sorry folks, he’s married), its Michael’s skills behind the camera that have been garnering serious attention from the Austin filmmaking community lately. He’s been in Austin for 18 years, so by no means is he a n00b to the scene, but he’s absolutely coming into his moment in 2019.

  • What do you do in the filmmaking community? I write, direct, and produce. Writing was my first love in film, I’m a storyteller at heart. Directing came from wanting to make the scripts the way I wanted to see them and then producing came from years of experience figuring out ways to make my own films for dirt cheap and trying to pass that knowledge on to other projects. The more I meet great filmmakers the more I’m interested in also producing content to help get projects made.

  • What interested you in filmmaking / what you specialize in? I love stories, characters, ideas.... Sometimes I’ll slip a message in, like with Here Comes the Neighborhood, but sometimes I just want to tell silly stories. Making people think, making people laugh, making people uncomfortable, I want to evoke an emotion in people but it’s different with each project. The one common goal with the things I write is that it’s always going to be funny in some way, and also sometimes silly and often dark. My wife likes to say what I write is happy-sad, and I think that’s a pretty apt description. And a great word.

  • Hyphenation is the new rock-n-roll. Moving on. What are your personal goals? It’d be nice to one day make a living telling the stories I want to tell, but mostly I do it because I love it and will continue to do it either way.

  • What kind of projects have you done / do you do? Feature films are what I love and mostly what I write but I’ve gotten into shorts lately because they’re easier and cheaper to produce. I just finished my fourth short that I’m working on taking to festivals.

  • Are you currently working on anything? I just premiered my newest short, Random Knowledge, at a festival in November. It’s a comedy about competitive pub trivia and I’m working on taking that to festivals now.

  • Do you have any exciting future projects lined up? I’m working on a few projects now. A short comedy about a comedian and a puppet that I’m writing and directing. I’m also producing a drama for a filmmaker friend and collaborating on a short documentary with another filmmaker.

  • Do you have any dream projects you want to accomplish? Stacks of scripts I’d love to produce, yeah. And I have a concept for a feature movie about competitive pub trivia that Random Knowledge is sort of a proof of concept for.

You can go see what new projects he gets up to by following him on his Facebook Page, or his Instagram, or both! And you can check out Random Knowledge's website - here.

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